Miss Twin Peaks

Congratulations on being picked to compete for the title of Miss Twin Peaks 2019! 

We would like to offer all contestants 15% OFF your total order.  Use code: TWINPEAKS at checkout

We have a wide variety of bikinis to choose from. We can also customize a bikini for you if you don't see exactly what you are wanting. Please feel free to email or text/call us with any questions: srevengebikinis@yahoo.com or 214-563-8211 


Sequin Bikinis

Scatter Stone


Ultimate Bling


Sequin bikinis are made with sequin fabric and have a variety of connector options.  Price range after discount; $191.25-$106.25

Scatter stone bikinis are made with spandex or sequin fabric with crystals scattered all over, and a variety of different connectors.  Price range after discount: $267.75-$182.75

Ultimate Bling Bikinis are covered in crystals all over the front and back of the suit with crystal connectors.  Price range after discount: $552.50-$284.75