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The History of Sweet Revenge Bikinis

Once upon a time…a long time ago… around the summer of 2002 my bikini line was born.  At the time, I was starting to be a regular in the bikini contest and modeling scene around Dallas.  I had been out of college for a year and was finally on my own.  I was trying to get noticed, win more bikini contests and book more modeling jobs so I could pay the bills.  I soon realized, contestants purchased their bikinis from one store.  We would end up with the exact same bikinis in the same colors.  Everyone would get frustrated because all the girls blended in, instead of standing out.  Also, none of our bikinis fit like we wanted.  Then I started thinking…

My mom made a lot of my clothes when I was younger.  When I was a competitive skater, my mom always made me the most amazing costumes that made the other girls envious.  I would watch national and Olympic skating competitions on TV and get fabulous costume ideas and want my mom to create my visions.  When I got older, I had my mom try her hand at making my bikinis, so they would be different from other competitors. My mom did a great job, but she wasn’t capturing my exact vision.  If my mom could make all these beautiful things, why couldn’t I???  When I was young, my mom encouraged me to sew and to take pride in my creations.  Naturally, as a child, I thought it was the nerdiest thing ever.  Then I started to think…maybe sewing wasn’t so nerdy after all.  Maybe I could put my skills to use making fabulous bikinis that stood out in a crowd and fit exactly how I wanted!!!  I made up my mind to start sewing bikinis.  The next night, I won the contest.  I took the money to the local fabric store and bought myself a sewing machine and some beautiful red glitter fabric.

I designed the bikinis, made my patterns and have sewed everything all on my own ever since.  Once I started showing up in jaw-dropping bikinis, all the other contestants wanted that same smashing look.  One thing lead to another and things snowballed.  I was sought after to create custom suits for pageants, bikini contests and photo shoots. This lead to requests for everything from pool and beach to honeymoon and vacation suits.  Now, I make it all!!!  Everything is different, original and of course super sexy!  I still sew custom sequin and jeweled pageant bikinis as time allows.  To ensure my customers an exclusive and unique product, on my website, all bikinis are manufactured in small lots.

As for the name “Sweet Revenge Bikinis”…there is no better revenge than looking great, being happy and successful!  These bikinis are for the boys that hurt you and the girls that hated on you!!!

Eat Your Heart Out!!!!                                                                              

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